What the heck is this site?

Well I had to use something so this is my temporary site that I'll be using until I can find the time to get something properly made. This is a theme from HTML5UP. For the entire life of this site it will only have a small preview of my work and what I'm capable of. If you want to actually see some of my work then head over to my Behance. And if you have an extra Dribbble invite then feel free to hook your boy up with one.

My work

Here's a mininature sample of the work I've produced so far in 2017. It's nothing major but it'll give you a little idea of what I'm capable of. If you're interested in some of my more complex projects then head over to my Behance.

Get in touch

Interested in working on a project together or just want to have a chat? Feel free to drop me an email or hit me up on any of my social medias and we can have a quick conversation.

Currently my email form is not working but you can email me at hello@mason.wtf instead. 💛